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Welcome to the O'Malley Genealogy website

"In this website we hope to tell the story of our family's history. We aim to to keep alive the memory of those who have gone before us. We also hold out the glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, the descendents of our great grandaunts and uncles might make their way home with its help."

Brian O'Malley, December, 2009 is inspired by the discovery by Fergal O'Malley in 2009 of the descendents of our great grandaunt Annie O'Malley who emigrated from Ballintubber, County Mayo, Ireland to Guthrie County, Iowa, USA in 1876.

Annie's parents were Matthew & Sarah O'Malley who were married in 1845. They had the following children: Michael, Annie, Bridget, Matthew, William, John, Margaret (Sr. Mary Gertrude), Sarah, Mary & Thomas (Fr. Tom and later Canon). We aim to tell you what we know of their story through words and images.

Only Michael (our great grandfather), Mary & Thomas remained in Ireland. The other siblings emigrated to the US from 1876 onwards.

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